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Diss 'n' datt.

2009-02-22 18:03:52 by P1raten

The funny thing with life is that you never expect what is going to happen next. For me it has been a hell of a ride these last weeks.
Firstly, my computer broke because my brother downloaded virus(porn) on my computer. And therefore it crashed. So that all of my work was gone. Pretty fun when you think of it. On a second thought, no, its not fun.
So im in a collab, and was before my computer broke. I had come a long way, but everything got destroyed. Life is a bitch. You live to learn. And god doesnt exist. Jesus did though. My dad will not be seing for a while, after what he did to me. This makes me angry, but theres no point. But if there is, do tell.
Im not a god, nor a devil. But sometimes you cant be all good, nor bad. Cant you just be something in the middle? No, you war brought to this earth by two persons. Therefore two personalities are combined. Some are bad some are good. Some are changable, some are not. But i promise you, theres no one on this earth who is divine, or a saint or anything like that.
I have no comment on the current state of the earth, the polititians are making a such big deal of everything.

Thanks and goodnight, P1raten


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2009-02-23 05:45:30

wow sucks to be u,haha jokes, sucks what u say about god and stuff, yea i was forced to believe in god so now i don't, ironic huh?, so now i believe in karma, cause in a way it makes sense.


P1raten responds:

Hurts doesnt it? Afraid you do anything wrong it might come out n bite yo ass?


2009-04-06 14:44:59

You should try living life instead of complaining about it :P